Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Honey Bee on Blackberry

Bumble bee on blackberry flowerI was watching the bees leave the hive and fly into the sky and others returning obviously from a far away place (well less than 2 miles). So as I walked around looking at all the blackberry flowers I wondered why weren’t they coming for the close nectar sources like all the bumblebees were.

It might be because the bumblebees took the nectar already, they might like my neighbors’ blackberries even more than mine or they go first as far out as they can straight from the entrance of the hive (which is pointed in the opposite direction).Honey bee on blackberry flower Whatever the reason, as I was walking I noticed a honey bee or two trying out the flowers and took a video. So here is my video of the bee flying around from flower to flower. Can’t wait to be able to taste this concentrated liquid gold from the blackberries.

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