Monday, April 1, 2013

Garden Status for 3rd Week of March, 2013

IMG_0282So with spring finally starting to poke through I decided to look on how the overwintering plants were doing. The first on my stop was the garlic which we received from a friend about a year ago. We were given a multitude of sets in the middle of the growing season so when I tried to carefully plant them, they appeared to all perished in early fall. So it was a pleasant surprise to find them sprouted this year, though they are bunched too close for good bulb development.
IMG_0283The next plant, which is related to the garlic, is the chives. I have two spots, the new one from last year is looking a little spare but should start filling out to be more like this IMG_0286other group is from my initial planting five years ago and they have done very well. This year we are going to dehydrate them since every time the chives start going dormant we seem to run out of them for our baked potatoes and have to purchase the old dried stuff from the store. Hopefully this winter we will have dried at least a carton’s worth. IMG_0284
Another amazing discovery was this Egyptian Walking Onion that appeared where I thought they had all died two years ago. If we get some top sets from this one, we will be able to propagate them and be able to use them in place of green onions again.
IMG_0287The next stop is a view of our herb sections. The first image is of our mostly basil square that I just got through cleaning up and trimming back. One thing about herbs around here is that if you do not restrain them they will take over your entire garden before you can say pesto sauce. IMG_0288
The next picture is of our sage, thyme, rosemary and white bunching onions. The white bunching onions have been their since I have started the garden but seem to be going downhill so after this year I’ll most likely harvest them and plant something new next year. The thyme is the most surprising to me. When I planted it it seemed to be doing the worst but has grown into a great bush. The Sage and rosemary on the other hand seem to still be mostly dormant from the winter so come April or May I’ll be able to give a better report on their health.
IMG_0289Another plant that we have been hoping would survive the winter is our artichoke (since it takes a year or two before flowers will appear) and here it is nice and warm with new leaves. With the great success we will start another one this year and hopefully start harvesting next year some delicious artichokes. IMG_0292Along my walk through the lawn and garden I found these daffodils left as a present for us by the local squirrel population. It is always interesting to find new plants in unexpected places. IMG_0298The fruit trees are also starting to bud out and create new growth. The image is of the cherry tree, though the apple and plumb have new branches along with buds. Hopefully with the fencing this year they will be able to keep their new growth as well. IMG_0308We also had an interesting surprise on Thursday, with the first snowfall of the year! Good thing we don’t have any plants out yet that would be really affected by it. By the end of the day though it was mostly gone. The remainder of the week saw warmer temperatures,

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  1. That's what I miss most from working in greenhouses, being around all the plants as they first start sprouting up. That and all the free seedlings. One year I was able to take an entire 512 seedplug tray of marigolds!

    Last year I had to let all of my herbs die because I was stuck putting my containers in storage for 3 weeks in April. So now I have to start from scratch again. I considered growing from seed, but I just don't have a good spot in my house for that. Maybe next year I will invest in a grow lamp.