Saturday, March 16, 2013

Garden Status 2nd Week of March 2013

IMG_0229So this week’s update begins with trouble for the pumpkin plants. Due to the grow box running out of space and pumpkins being mature enough to handle colder weather, I decided to move them out of the box in the garage.

I then planned on taking them out during the day to get their sun and hopefully acclimate  to the colder weather before transplanting them into the garden with a cold frame. Unfortunately, the first day I took them out it was freezing and before the sun could appear they got severe frost bite on the leaves. They would have recovered had not my youngest son then decided to pull the plants mostly apart later in the week causing even more stress. IMG_0281If they survive and provide fruit, then I am definitely keeping the seeds from their pumpkins for next year. I also planted peppers into the remaining spots in the grow box (two weeks later than planned) and hopefully they will follow the tomatoes’ example of rapid growth and sprout two weeks early.

Finally, the fruit trees are coming along with new buds showing and on the apple tree a lot of new branch growth. So spring must have really arrived and with those fences perhaps the trees will be able to retain this new growth from the attentions of the deer.

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