Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Planting Pumpkins and Tomatoes

So my son wanted to sprout some of the pumpkin seeds that we had saved from our October Halloween Pumpkin carving activity. Even though it was a bit early we got a paper towel and placed the pumpkin seeds between the layers and added some water.

IMG_0036This week the seeds finally sprouted (about 11 days to germinate) and stuck out a little root (we called it a tongue) so it is time to get it some nutrients by planting it into some soil and place them in the grow box. Since we had to make up a few pots with potting mix anyway I decided that at the we could start the tomatoes at the same time. Even if they grow to big before I can transplant them I can always trim the tomatoes to keep them in the grow box until that day arrives.

IMG_0034The first item of business was to clean out the grow box as it had not been used for a year and was full of webs. Then the kids helped me with step two and using their kid hand trowels they filled the pots with potting mix. While they were filling, I turned on the grow box to get it warmed up a bit, by time we moved the plants into the grow box it had warmed up to about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember, in my grow box, there is no heater just the florescent light fixtures in which the ballast generates the heat. We finally soaked the potting soil so my son could do his favorite part. He got to place a seed in each pot (or a few seeds in the case of the 3-5 year old tomato packets). IMG_0039I did have to reminded him for the pumpkin seeds that the root should be face downward. Finally it was time to put all the pots into the grow box and now we await the time when we will see the seed leaves, followed by the first set of true leaves. Already the grow box looks pretty full, hopefully there is enough room for the pepper starts next month. How you started any of your seeds yet?

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