Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Building Bee Boxes

IMG_0173So when you make your bee boxes you have several options. You can buy preassembled hives. You can purchase the pre-cut pieces to finish them by adding a little glue and nails. Or in our case, we bought the pine boards and cut them to match what you would purchase in the store. We also used dovetail joints instead of the standard finger joint for the corner joinery because dovetail joints hold square better and also lock together. Of course if I didn’t already have the dovetail router bit and jig (another hobby of mine), I might have stuck with finger joints because they are easier to make.
IMG_0176When you finally have your box pieces, either those you purchased or cut out, you next need to dry fit the pieces together (i.e. before gluing) to make sure they fit. A hint is to mark the top of each board (arrow), which boards go together (number) and the corners (letters A-D). Another hint, make sure that the handle is facing up; though in some assemblies the handle is installed AFTER the box has been glued together. Once you have dry fitted the pieces and marked them up just apply the wood glue to the joins and put in a few nails to hold them together until the glue dries. (Remember it is the glue not the nail that will hold the boxes together).

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