Thursday, June 2, 2011

Outdoor Garden update

HPIM5730Well the temperatures are finally warming up and so the seedlings have started to sprout forth and the starts in the grow box are moving out into the garden. Of course with this warming weather the bunnies and slugs have also started to appear and try out this years’ greens in an attempt to share the bounty. Because we started the peppers and tomatoes in the grow box they are as big as some that you can buy at Home Depot right now. HPIM5731Also the fennel returned for a second year from the bulb. Hopefully we will be able to gather a good supply of seeds from the plants as we just used up the last of our fennel seed spices. The chives have just taken off and are getting ready to seed themselves, just shows you that one square produces more chives that the family can eat.

HPIM5732In the other boxes the onions (Egyptian Walking Top-Set and White Bunching), Spices including sage and thyme, and carrots are also doing quite nicely. As you can see in our cinderblock gardens we have filled the holes with strawberry plants and they have taken off already producing green strawberries. Soon we will have some great red berries for our son to devour.

HPIM5733 HPIM5734

The box of carrots and tomatoes

Strawberry plant with green strawberries

HPIM5735In the greenhouse we have quite a few plants sprouting including the butternut squash and a set of lima beans. Yes, some people gag at Lima Beans but unless they have tried home grown lima beans they should withhold judgment. If you are planning on growing lima beans one important consideration is how you are going to keep them warm, they have similar needs to peppers and so our cold northwest climate will not support them HPIM5736unless you grow them in a greenhouse or under cover until July. We also got around to transplanting the peppers that have outgrown their pots and the height of the grow box into the greenhouse. Last year all the peppers did great in the greenhouse even with the poor weather and so we are hoping to repeat that success.

HPIM5737This year has also been very good towards our red potato crop. These are third generation red potatoes and this growth looks the best that I have seen. I originally got the first generation potatoes from the store, but we didn’t finish eating them before they sprouted so being the gardener I took the potato outside and planted it in the ground, over the next three years I have taken the offspring, saved a few eating the rest and slowly been growing the number. So if you have a root vegetable that starts to sprout, don’t throw it out just plant it.

HPIM5738Finally my cherry tree has not only had some beautiful bloom, new branches and great looking leaves, but it also has cherries forming from the blooms! Yes this will be the first year that we get some cherries and for planting it last year I was pleasantly surprised.

HPIM5739I do have one challenge for my readers though, I took a picture of a bug on the cherry tree leaf and want to know what it is. Leave your guess in the comment section!

HPIM5743 HPIM5742

The bug top view

The bug side view

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